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Kenpo Fitness for Women

Morning Star Martial Arts invites all women to awaken the warrior within!

A new women's class in Kenpo Jujutsu is beginning at Morning Star Martial Arts.  This traditional martial art is primarily meant as a way of life, not a sport. It combines whole body exercise, practical self-defense and graceful forms.  The class will meet once or twice a week, depending on interest. The curriculum is designed to provide women with the tools necessary to stay healthy and fit for life.

With this class:
  • you learn in a safe environment. Injuries are mistakes, NOT an accepted part of the experience. Our safety record is spotless! 
  • you improve fitness while learning practical personal protection. Whatever your age or physical shape, you can do this and get better!
  • you develop strength and grace through “forms”; choreographed martial arts moves similar to dance routines but more interesting!
Lessons learned at the studio can be practiced at home on your own schedule. Practice at home requires very little floor space, no equipment, no partners, and no gym membership. Once you know martial arts and how to train, you are like a health club with legs.

This class is open to teen girls and women, sorry guys! But take heart, co-ed classes are also forming for teens and adults. Please call 654-7701 to sign up.   

These one hour sessions are tentatively scheduled for Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings at 307 Elm Street, Milford. Other hours are also available depending on interest. Call 654-7701 now to reserve a place or for additional information.