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Tiger Kids

We are now enrolling 4, 5 and 6 year olds in our Tiger Kids program. This class will meet for 30 minutes of fun and learning once a week. Tiger Kids is designed to be a "readiness" program for karate students. Coincidently, many of the skills needed to be ready to learn karate are also skills useful in school and other group activities. Developing these abilities tends to increase self-respect, confidence, and self-esteem. Through games and drills, the students will learn and practice in a fun environment not only simple karate moves, but also many of the same skills they need to succeed in these other settings. 
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Our curriculum includes:

~ Learning left, right, forward and backward ~

~ Understanding and following directions ~

~ Learning and obeying rules ~

~ Learning to raise hands and take turns speaking ~

~ Making a line and the concept of taking turns ~

~ Practicing being a leader ~

~ Experience in standing before a group ~ 

~ Learning safety rules ~

~ Learning and practicing two and three step directions ~

~ Practicing quick response time ~

~ Practicing visual and audio awareness ~

~ Practicing gross motor skills ~

~ Improving eye/hand coordination ~

~ Improving body awareness, including balance ~

~ Understanding teamwork and cooperation ~

~ Practicing healthy competition ~

~ Understanding and practicing self-control ~

~ Practicing a polite greeting and good manners ~

~ Practicing listening skills ~

~ Maintaining eye contact during a conversation ~

~ Understanding the value of money and the concept of saving ~

And of course, we throw in a good dose of martial arts fun!

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