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At Morning Star Martial Arts, we have programs for students of all ages!
  • Tiger Kids:  Our Tiger Kids program is designed for children aged 4-6.

  • Juniors:  Our Juniors program is primarily for ages 7-14.

  • Adults:  Most will want to be in our Adult classes, which are appropriate for ages 13 to, well, there is no age limit!

We now also have a few
specialized classes:

  • Arnis:  Our Philipine stick-fighting program is for teens and adults. 

  • Warrior Women:  For women who prefer a class to themselves, we have a separate women-only program limited to teen girls and adult women.


All of these divisions are flexible. We have older siblings in Tiger Kids and parents in with their children in order to accommodate family schedules and preferences.

Carol conducting class for the Tiger Kids

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