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Celebrate Wilton 2008

Morning Star Martial Arts, jointly with Peter Freedman's Boston Arnis Club,
presented a martial arts demonstration at the “Celebrate Wilton" festival on the
afternoon of June 7th, 2008. Braving extremely hot and humid conditions,
on a blacktop road with temperatures in the nineties, the students of both schools
endeavored to showcase the beauty of their art. 



The demo began with two beginner students
from Morning Star Martial Arts performing
basics and the American Kenpo forms
Short I and Long I. The director of the school,
Carol Mannarino, then explained and performed
the advanced form, Short Form III.
(Please click on photo at left for a larger image.)


Carol and Phil spar
After that, Phil Duldulao, the Arnis instructor at
the school, and Carol demonstrated basic Arnis
drills including Cinco Teros (the five basic strikes),
Palihay (lateral), trayangulo (triangle) footwork,
Largo Mano (long range) & Rompida (shortrange)
counters associated with them.
Phil and Carol then showed how these
basic moves were applied in a drill they called
“Block, check and counter”, ending with disarms.
The Morning Star Martial Arts portion concluded
with Phil and Carol demonstrating an empty hand
“Tapi-tapi” drill that flowed into several
American Kenpo techniques.
(Please click on photo at right for a larger image.)


The finale featured Guro Director Peter Freedman, Guro Ryan Birmingham,
and Philip Duldulao of the Boston Arnis Club. They demonstrated the application of numerous Mano-Mano (Empty Hands), Sera Todo (Lockings) & Corto (close range) concepts for self defense against baraws (knives) and multiple attackers.
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Peter Freedman
Peter Freedman

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